Production Year 2006
Running time 31 min
Awards Hiroshima Video Exhibition 2006 Grand Prix, Film Award, Acting Award Recipient
8th Nagaoka Indies Movie Competition Grand Prix
10th Mito Short Film Festival Pre Grand Prix
7th TAMA NEW WAVE Special Award
Fukui Film Festival 2006 Grand Prix
Staff Screenplay, Director, Editing: Ryota Nakano
Producer: Noriyasu Hirakata
Filming: Shiro Chiba
Lighting: Koji Tanimoto
Special Modeling, Special Makeup: Masami Sato
Cast Hiroki Kono, Haruna Murakami, Yuya Otsuka, Satomi Ushimizu, Satomi Nishimura, Masahiro Yamamoto, Ryoto Iwai

Shuhei is a clumsy high school student who knows how hard life can be in the real world. Shuhei decides that to live in the now he will become a robot. His classmate Ayari also felt how hard life can be in a world full of lies. Ayari decides that to live in the now she will feel reality by suicide games. These clumsy two students are giving their best to live life to the fullest and searching for something in the complicated real world. Finally, for life in the future their ultimate selection will be...