Capturing Dad

Production Year 2012
Running time 74 min

In Japan:
SKIP City International D Cinema Film Festival 2012, International Feature Film Competition, Director Award. SKIP City Award.
19th Kyoto International Children's Film Festival, Screening Special Award.
35th Yokohama Film Festival, Japanese Film Best Ten - 10th Place. Yoshimitsu Morita Memorial New Director Award, Supporting Actress Award.
5th TAMA Film Award, Talented New Director Award.

Asia Pacific Film Festival 2012, Best Supporting Actress Award.
7th Asian Film Awards (Hong Kong), Best Supporting Actress Award.
7th Granada International Film Festival CINES DEL SUR (Spain), Screening Special Award, Viewer's Award.
2nd Peace & Love Film Festival (Sweden), Jury Prize.
3rd Sakhalin International Film Festival (Russia) Grand Prix.

Staff Director, Screenplay: Ryota Nakano
Producer: Noriyasu Hirakata
Filming: Shingo Hirano
Lighting: Koji Tanimoto
Recording: Mikisuke Shimazu
Music: Takashi Watanabe
Visual Effects Supervisor: Ryo Higuchi
Screenplay Cooperation: Toshiya Ono
Sound Effects: Tomoko Otsuka
Hair Stylist: Yoko Yamaguchi
Assistant Director: Hiromichi Matsuo
Production Manager: Yuki Hoshino
Production: Pictures Network, Hiyoshigaoka Pictures
Distribution: Digital Skip Station
Cast Erisa Yanagi, Nanoka Matsubara, Makiko Watanabe, Kenichi Takito, Satoshi Nikaido, Kaito Kobayashi, Yuki Imamura, Akiko Hoshino, Takanori Sekiguchi, Shohei Uno, Hiromi Hakogi, Kagetora Miura, Tomoki Kimura, Yushi Ozawa, Shoichi Ota

A mother and her two daughters, jobless older sister Hazuki and high school younger sister Koharu, live together. The girls hardly have any memory of the father who made a woman and left them 14 years ago. One day the girls hear from their mother that their ”father will die soon, so go to see him, and while you're there take his picture”. The sisters set out puzzled by their mother's words, but they also found that feeling of wanting to see their father. They had a train connection and arrived at a station in the countryside. It's there they know that they were too late and their father had already died. Their young, innocent half-brother and the warm welcome from their uncle. However, it was there that another battle awaited them...