Production Year 2016
Running time 125 min
Staff Screenplay, Director: Ryota Nakano
Cast Rie Miyazawa, Hana Sugisaki, Yukiko Shinohara, Taro Suruga, Aoi Ito, Tori Matsuzaka, Joe Odagiri

The Kono household manages a public bathhouse called, "Happiness Water". However, the father left secretly and the bathhouse has been closed for about a year. The mother, Futaba, is full of brightness and intensity and raised her daughter while doing a part-time job. Then, one day she suddenly receives word that she doesn't have that much time left... She decides from that day, that she is going to do all the things that she wants to. To bring back home her runaway husband, to restart the family bathhouse business, to make her kind daughter more independent, and to match up her daughter with someone... Her actions were that to get rid of all the family's secrets. A family that had an even stronger bond by fighting with each other. And the family that was led in great love that was received from the mother, and with this ultimate love also buried her to rest.