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Ryota Nakano

Born 27 July 1973. Raised in Kyoto.

After graduating university, he entered the Japan Film School (present Japan Film College) and found himself immersed with the fun of making film. His graduation project “As We Go Cheering Our Flaming Lives” (2000) won the Japan Film School’s Imamura Award, and also was recognized at the TAMA NEW WAVE Grand Prix.

After graduating, he went on to become assistant film director and television director, and finally after 6 years he produced another film “ROCKET PUNCH” (2006), which won 7 awards, from Hiroshima and Fukui Grand Prix Film Festivals.

In 2008, he was selected by the Culture Centre’s Young Film Maker Project (ndjc), and his film “The Sparkling Amber” (2008) shot on 35 mm-film, received a high evaluation.

In 2012, his full-length film “Capturing Dad” (2012), at the SKIP City International D Cinema Film Festival, won an award making him the first Japanese director to receive one, and beginning with the Berlin International Film Festival he received many invitations to Film Festivals around the globe and this film was globally recognized receiving 14 awards.

His commercial film “HER LOVE BOILS BATHWATER”, won’t be released until fall of 2016.

He is continuing to create the image of 'family' from his own view point and sensibility.



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